Fat Bike Tire Test: VeeRubber Vee 8

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  • VeeRubber Vee 8
Performance compared to all other fat bike tires
(100% is fastest - lightest - highest - strongest)

VeeRubber  Vee 8 road bike tire on a rolling resistance test machine

The Vee Rubber Vee8 fat bike tire is based on a classic Vee Rubber mountain bike tire. With its 8 low knobs, spaced in a V shape pattern, this tire is made for medium to hard pack conditions. Some of the Vee Rubber fat bike tires can be found at very low prices and this makes it interesting to test these tires as well to see how a cheaper alternative to the more expensive competition performs.

One of the negative things about the Vee Rubber tires is that it's hard to find a lot of information about them. From the sparse information found on the internet, it appears the Vee8 fat bike tire is available as a 72 TPI wire bead or tubeless-ready 120 TPI folding version. Both versions appear to use the same single-compound silica rubber and specified weight is 1800 and 1430 grams respectively. I'm testing the 120 TPI version as that one should perform a bit better.

Manufacturer Specifications

Manufacturer Specifications
Brand VeeRubber
Model Vee 8
Year 2016
Supplied By Bought in store
Sponsored by
Wolf Tooth Components
New or Used New
Mileage 0 km
Price Range Med
Buy At
Manufacturer part number
TPI 120
Bead Folding
ETRTO 102-559
Size Inch 26"
Width Inch 4.00
Specified Weight 1390 grams
Max Pressure 20
Made In Thailand
Available Sizes 26 x 4.00

VeeRubber Vee 8 Test Results

VeeRubber  Vee 8  fat bike tire on a rolling resistance test machine

Size, Weight, and Thickness Measurements

Size, Weight, and Thickness Measurements
Specified Weight 1390 grams
Measured Weight 1385 grams
Measured Width Carcass 90 mm
Measured Width Tread 90 mm
Measured Height 81 mm
Measured Knob Height Center 3.3 mm
Measured Knob Height Edge 3.6 mm
Measured Total Thickness Sidewall 1.00 mm
Measured Total Thickness Center (excluding knobs) 2.20 mm
All size measurements are taken at an air pressure of 16 psi / 1.1 bars on a 65 mm inner width rim.

Specified weight of the 26x4.00 120 TPI Vee8 is 1430 grams, my sample came in at 1385 grams which is a good bit less. Maximum width of the casing is 95 mm, from knob to knob it measures 90 mm wide. The maximum height is 81 mm.

The center knobs have a height of 3.3 mm, the shoulder knobs are only slightly higher and come in at 3.6 mm. The sidewalls have a thickness of 1.0 mm which is thicker than the very thin 0.5 mm thick sidewalls some fat bike tires have, but a bit thinner than the 1.5 mm thickness of some other fat bike tires.

Rolling Resistance Test Results

Rolling Resistance Test Results
Inner Tube Schwalbe SV13J (390 gr)
Rolling Resistance 20 PSI / 1.4 Bar 27.0 Watts
CRR: 0.00809
Rolling Resistance 16 PSI / 1.1 Bar 29.2 Watts
CRR: 0.00875
Rolling Resistance 12 PSI / 0.8 Bar 35.2 Watts
CRR: 0.01055
Rolling Resistance 8 PSI / 0.6 Bar 45.8 Watts
CRR: 0.01373
All numbers are for a single tire at a speed of 29 km/h / 18 mph and a load of 42.5 kg / 94 lbs.

Use the formula: RR (Watts) = CRR * speed (m/s) * load (N) to calculate rolling resistance at a given speed and load.

Rolling resistance of the Vee8 comes in as a bit of a surprise. I didn't expect much from this tire, but it performs quite well in the rolling resistance test. The cheap Vee8 outperforms the much more expensive fat bike tires from 45NRTH and Surly. At the higher air pressures, it even comes close to the leading tires. At lower air pressures, performance is a bit worse, but still good.

If the performance of the Vee8 is anything to go by, the other Vee Rubber fat bike tires should at least perform decent as well. I'll look into testing some more Vee Rubber tires.

Puncture Resistance Test Results

VeeRubber  Vee 8  fat bike tire on a rolling resistance test machine
Puncture Resistance Test Result (higher is better)
Puncture Resistance Tread 9 Points
Puncture Resistance Sidewall 7 Points

In the puncture resistance tests, the Vee Rubber Vee8 outperforms all other fat bike tires that have been tested up to now. Combined with the decent performance in the rolling resistance test this is excellent as puncture resistance and rolling resistance are closely related.


  • VeeRubber Vee 8
Performance compared to all other fat bike tires
(100% is fastest - lightest - highest - strongest)

The Vee Rubber Vee8 is a tire with a decent rolling resistance and very good puncture resistance. If you ride on medium to hard pack conditions a lot and also like to run your tires at medium to high air pressures, these are excellent tires for the money and even come with tubeless-ready beads as a bonus. Because of the closely spaced knobs on this tire, I do not expect this to be a great tire for loose or mud conditions.

I rate the Vee Rubber Vee8 a 4 out of 5 because of the decent rolling resistance, very good puncture resistance, and low price. Faster fat bike tires are available that probably also provide more grip. Visit the fat bike overview page (overview) to find out which tires perform better in our tests.

RATING: 4 / 5


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