About Bicycle Rolling Resistance

Bicycle Rolling Resistance is dedicated to providing the most detailed information about bicycle tires you can find. We test bicycle tires on our rolling resistance test machine, we puncture them on our puncture machine, and we measure all dimensions with our micrometers.

We started Bicycle Rolling Resistance in 2014 because we're crazy about tires and the information we were searching for just didn't exist at that time. Our site has grown over the years and we now have served our tire data to millions of visitors.

We also offer a confidential test service and have provided tire test data to tire manufacturers to help them compare their tires to the competition. We are also proud to have provided pro cycling teams with tire data that helps them gain an edge against the competition.

If you need more information or have ideas to help us out, feel free to contact us through the contact form.

About Jarno Bierman

Jarno Bierman in a giant tire giving a thumbs up

My name is Jarno Bierman and I started Bicycle Rolling Resistance in 2014. I've been cycling for 20 years and always had a crazy interest in car, motorcycle, and bicycle tires. Early on in my cycling career I already enjoyed "watching a tire wear".

The idea of building my own rolling resistance machine and publishing the results of tire tests had been in my head for several years. At the time, I lacked the knowledge to build such a machine or build a website to publish the results. Over the years I learned a lot about electric motors, microcontrollers, and programming when I studied electrical engineering.

Back in 2013 I was really into XC mountain biking but as I'm not the fastest guy out there, I had a hard time catching up with my buddy that always was just slightly faster than me. As I couldn't find good information about which MTB tires truly were the fastest, I finally decided to start building a rolling resistance test machine.

Early on in 2014, my machine was finished. The first tires I tested were the Bontrager tires that were on my mountain bike. My machine showed me those had a rolling resistance of 37.5 watts per tire. I tested several other mountain bike tires and found some tires that were just 22.4 watts apiece. To optimize further I installed those tires tubeless and rolling resistance even went down to 17.4 watts.

With my new tubeless tires installed, which according to my machine saved me a total of 40 watts of rolling resistance, I went riding again with my buddy who I could never beat. That day, I completely smoked him. On a 22 minute XC lap with a lot of cornering, he came in 60 seconds behind me. My buddy went home and immediately ordered the same tires as he doesn't like to be beaten.

The next ride I again had a hard time catching up with him.

I was now convinced about the importance of rolling resistance and went on to build this website and publish all the information for everyone to enjoy.