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We're looking for partners to help us support Bicycle Rolling Resistance and help us on our mission to get as many tires tested as possible. Our site launched in July 2014 and is becoming more popular every day. The site gets visited by enthusiast cyclists from all over the world who are searching for the best performing cycling equipment.

If you're interested in advertising with us, please send us a message through this contact form and we get back to you with more information.

What kind of advertisers are we looking for?

Display advertising

We're looking for cycling/sports related brands that want to display a banner (300x250 / 728x90) on our site. Our site is separated into 4 sections: General (Frontpage), Road Bike, MTB, and Touring Bike. It's possible to only advertise on a specific section most suited to your niche.

Shopping partners

Because we get visitors from all over the world, our site has a geo-targeting system that allows us to show different ads to visitors from different countries. We're looking for shops that sell a large number of tires at competitive prices to become a shopping partner. These ads are the in-content text ads: 'Check Prices at'.

We're looking for shopping partners in the following countries: Italy, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway.

We can link to you on a direct basis, no affiliate networks required. If you prefer an affiliate network, please contact us with a link to your affiliate program.

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